Meet Cindy!

Good Morning everyone!! Say hello to Cindy!!


You can follow her on Instagram at @cinplicity.knits where you can see updates of what she is making! She has only been knitting for around a year but she loves sharing her makings with all her followers who enjoy seeing her creations! I know I do! She is very talented!!

Here is a scarf she knit for Ewan McGregor! She said that it was pretty cool getting to knit for him and was happy he shared it with everyone on IG! tmp_8500-image1507640233This is one of her creations that she calls her kingscliff scarf! I love it!

tmp_8500-IMG_4808-162525909For now she does not sell anything but might in the future! So head on over to her page and tell her Sarah says hello!


Say Hello to Dawn!!

Hey Everyone!!

So the puppy is keeping me busy, and its been a crazy month so I am sorry it is been a few weeks without posting. But I really wanted to introduce another amazing friend, Dawn!! If she is not reading patterns she’s reading books, and making her creations her own! You can find her on IG (@Dawnjennings419) and on Facebook at Eevenmor by Dawn Jennings. And of course on etsy !!

FB_IMG_1461247583078Above are her favorite items.How adorable are they?!! I love love love the tutu and of course the elephant!! * Enter Love emoji ** On top of her Etsy offerings she also loves to do custom orders, and loves to create one of a kind pieces for special occasions. =] She is a self taught crocheter, and after she made her brothers hat, requests started pouring in, so her etsy was born so everyone can enjoy her talent. Her hats are phenomenal and all of her work is just amazing. So if you aren’t already heading to her shop go now, and tell her Sarah says hello!!

Crocheting Part 2

Hey everyone!

Is this week flying or what?! How was everyone’s “Rounded” Pi Day?? ( 3.14159 rounded is 3/14/16) Ben and I had fun celebrating our first wedding anniversary. It is crazy how fast a year has flown! But enough about Pi Day!! I wanted to show you guys what I created with my crochet hook:

A bubblegum pink small cowl.

WIN_20160316_23_02_03_ProIt was much easier than I thought, and it grew pretty steadily, but I have to say with my right thumb not being able to bend (I have thumb hypoplasia type 2) and being left handed, I think knitting actually is faster for me, although if I work at it, and continue adapting my technique, that I can become more efficient with crocheting. But I think crocheting is more useful for big projects like blankets, and things such as baby booties and such, although I have not tried booties knitting, so I’d have to compare. And I must confess I LOVED the way the stitches appeared * insert heart eye emoji*

WIN_20160316_23_02_11_Pro. Which do you prefer? Knitting or Crocheting? Let me know below!

Craft on!!


Hey everyone!

As you know for the last year and a half I have been learning all I can about knitting. It is so fun and it is a great creative outlet, but this year I wanted to go back to the beginning.

When I was little my Grandma taught my sister and I how to do a chain. I still have my ball of yarn and for the longest time I had a 5 foot chain attached. When I was little I thought that was all I needed to know, but being 6 I didn’t really get it. Fast forward ten years, I finally made a little swatch. My Grandma taught me again. But being left handed it is hard to teach something backwards. But I learned.

This week I started watching a few videos, and my hands remembered the moves. Within no time I was on my way to crocheting my first piece. I will always be Just Tricoté but both are always great to do. I am interested  to see where  this will take me. With my thumb hypoplasia on my right hand, knitting and crocheting is definitely challenging but I think it does help increase dexterity for sure. I have been able to modify techniques  to be able to knit and crochet how I do but it is amazing. I love being able to have a productive creative  outlet.

Stay tuned until next week. I can’t  wait to see how far I get! Do you prefer knitting or crocheting ?? Let me know below!!

Craft on!!








Fiber… The heart of Knitting

Hey everyone!

Hope you are all having a great night! This weeks post is about fibers!

When I first sternest knitting, I thought my selection would mainly come from the craft stores I always go to. JoAnns and Michaels. Then I ventured onTo Etsy and my whole world opened up!

While they have some amazing yarn at the bigger chain stores, I love the idea of making my own, and buying from Etsy and local yarn stores. My personal favorite is anything soft and mixed with colors, but there are some that are simple drop dead gorgeous as one pure color. But I think the fiber makes or breaks the color, and how it knits up.

The most common you will find at common stores are an acrylic, nylon, polyester fiber. It is crazy how soft plastic can be! But you can also find wool and Cotten as well! I love a beautiful wool blend. Some others are Mohair, Alpaca and Bamboo. They are all natural fibers, and the softness is just amazing!

So those fibers you might have heard about, but have you heard of banana fiber yarn, seaweed yarn, sugar cane, camel, cat or dog yarn!? I have even heard of yarn made from goats as well! I guess anything that is fibrous or has hair can be used. It amazes me at how wonderful this Earth is, and how resourceful and talented we can all be, by creating wearable products from something like seaweed! Or a sheep’s haircut.

What is your favorite fiber or brand to knit with? I would have to say mine is Malabrigo, but it is hard to choose! I have some banana fiber yarn that I am going to be knitting with soon. It is so shiny! If I missed any awesome fibers, let me know below!


Knit on!

Meet Leanne!!

Hey everyone!

I have another awesome IG friend I want you to meet, Leanne! She makes the most amazing stickers!!

If you have a planner, and you love stickers… you NEED  to check out her Etsy right away!! You can also follow her on IG (@living.loving.crafting). She got started when her planner friend got her hooked and since she loves crafting, she thought it would be fun to create stickers to use for the planners. I mean who wants a boring planner?! Not me!!

She sent me some stickers to try, and I love love love them! Her best seller is the Holiday pack which I love, because it just makes that spot in your planner extra special!

il_570xN.895853284_82lsThey are easy to peel off, and instantly make the page look amazing! She also has some amazing Holiday specific stickers in the shop for Easter and St. Patty’s Day! I am loving the vintage Easter and Spring ones!


Just for you readers she has a very special sale right now, IGFRIEND30 for 30% AND SHIPFRIEND10 for when you spend $10.00 or more!!

You can also find her on Facebook too! So go check her out, follow her and tell her Sarah says hello!!

Casting off!

Hello Everyone!

If you have been following the last few weeks, you will know that I have started a mini video series on how to knit!

The long await is here! I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to show a cast off video, because my camera was not working. But an hour later the driver just needed to be updated! Have to love technology huh??

Well any who I hope this helps you all to learn to cast off. I know there are a lot of knitting videos out there… it is how I mainly learned, but each person learns differently, so maybe mine just might be the one to help! =]

I enjoy casting off because it means that I have started with a ball of yarn and I am finishing with a useful item, whether it is a scarf, a hat or socks. It creates a beautiful braided look that is still stretchy just like the cast on. Although if you are going to knit socks or a hat DO NOT use this method of casting off. It does not stretch enough for that purpose and you won’t be able to wear it!

You can view the video here. Please subscribe and leave a comment if you have any feed back! I really love that!

Until next time,

Knit on!!

Knits and Purls

Hey everyone!

I hope you enjoyed my post last week about casting on! I love being able to teach through video! I have always loved the arts and crafts. When I was little, it seemed like we were always doing something whether it was learning to sew with our awesome plastic needles or just doing stuff with paper and glue! So when it comes to this mini video series I hope you can learn a thing or two, even if you don’t plan on picking up knitting as a hobby, it still is fun to just “know how”.

This week I am showing you guys the difference between knits and purls. While it might not seem that interesting, it really helped me understand the way the yarn moved to make the loops, and once I learned the difference, that was when I really got knitting. I watched many videos and looked at some diagrams, and while I was taking notes, it didn’t seem like I was ever going to purl. But if you ever want to make anything with a cable, or with some depth, purls are you and your knit’s best friend! It really brings out the yarn and it just lights it up.

So once you have mastered (as in you feel super comfortable switching between knits and purls) this new way of knitting, try this!

Knit across one row. Purl the next row, and alternate. You are now doing the stockingette or “flat stitch”. It might even start curling up on you!! To add an edge you can either slip the first and last stitch, or knit it ( especially on the purl side). It will make one side all look like the v’s and the other like the usual garter stitch. This is what is typically used for a sweater. If you want to practice reading the knits and purls, try the seed stitch. You really learn how to alternate between knits and purls because you are knitting and purling every other one. Do this stitch in an uneven number. (make your rows 11 in stead of 10 etc.) If you started a row with a knit, start the next with a purl. Soon you will start seeing little “seeds’. If you do an even number row, you can knit two and purl two, each row. You will get what looks like a stockingette but it really stretches! That is called ribbing.. like the top of a sock. By the way… a slip stitch is when you transfer a loop to the right needle without knitting or puling it.

Interesting how two different ways of making loops makes so many different things, all by alternating the way you do it!

You can check out my latest video here and if you like it please subscribe!!

Let me know what you think below, and check back next week! I will be showing you how to end your knit, by casting off! Knit on!!



Casting on!

Hey everyone!

Hope your Tuesday is going fantastic!! This is a new kind of blog post for you all today. I am show casing Just Tricote’s first ever HOW TO video! I thought the best way to begin a mini video series, would be to start where it all begins…. Casting on! This was the only part of knitting that was shown to me in person. The rest of knitting I have learned through watching how to videos on YouTube, and other places on line. I am a very visual learner, so videos help me out the most!

For me learning to begin the knit was the hardest part, because one it was all  new, and two, there is a great art to it! If the loops are too tight, it leads to frustration and anger! Which is no fun when you are eager and excited to knit, but once you accomplish casting on, everything else comes easy!

So I hope you can learn a thing or two with my how to cast on video. I really enjoyed making it and wanted it to be a fun informational video without being too long!!

You can view the video here, on the new Just Tricote YouTube channel! Please let me know what you think in the comments, and if it was helpful to you! I’ve never made a video before, so I am glad I am able to share it with you all. :)

Next week I will be telling you guys about knits and purls!

Knit on!

Hello Anne!

Hey Everyone!

So excited the weekend is here! I wanted to introduce you all to Anne! She is the mastermind behind Eartly Grace Accessories and Treasures. She is a wonderful Mom to her 3 Daughters ages 6, 4, and 2, so a lot of inspiration for her shop comes from them, nature and her love of all things crafts! Go follow her on Instagram (@Earthly.Grace.Treasures and @Earthly.Grace.Accessories)! You can also check her out on Facebook and on her very own site Earthly Grace. Here you can find all her amazing accessories, like headbands in lots of adorable colors and awesome accessory gardens that are perfect for your next event!


The other awesome thing she makes is wedding cake ornaments from your very own cake!


Look how adorable this is! I need to get my own order in soon! :)

She loves knitting, needlepoint, crocheting, sewing and pottery which she did more of when she didn’t have kids.  Her love of these crafts shines through on her work, so check her out, and tell her Sarah said hello!!

Happy Weekend!